International Symposium of
Young Scholars in the Humanities

IV International Symposium For Young Scholars In The Humanities
Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee of

IV International Symposium for Young Scholars 

Nana Gaprindashvili – Project Supervisor, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, TSU, Professor;

Vakhtang Licheli – Faculty of Humanities, TSU, Professor; 

Darejan Gardavadze – Head of the Quality Assurance Office of the Faculty of Humanities, Professor;

Ekaterine Navrozashvili – Head of the Scientific research and development Office of the Faculty of Humanities, Associated Professor;

Zaal Abashidze – Director of Korneli Kekelidze National Center of Manuscripts, Professor, St. Andrew the First called Georgian University;

Giorgi Alibegashvili – Head of State Language Department, Professor, St. Andrew the First Called Georgian University 

Paul Wordsworth  – PhD in Archaeology, Rsearch Fellow at the University of Oxford specializing in the archaeology of the medieval Caucasus and Central Asia

Eberhard Sauer – PhD in Archaeology, Professor at the Universitiy of Edingburg

Emanuele E. Intagliata –  Assistant Professor at the Centre for Urban Network Evolutions (UrbNet) Aarhus University, Denmark