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Banquet in the Restaurant “Metekhis Chrdili” (Shadow of Metekhi)

The Georgian restaurant “Metekhis Chrdili" is located in the old part of Tbilisi. It is distinguished by a cozy ambience and traditional delicious dishes. The guests of the restaurant can also enjoy national songs and dances, and if desired, they can even make the Georgian bread themselves. From the terrace of the restaurant you can enjoy the breathtaking views of Old Tbilisi. As for the concept of the restaurant, it is based on the play “In the Shadow of Metekhi".


The unique inscription of Grakliani

The unique inscription of Grakliani discovered by the Archaeological Expedition of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University dates back to XI-X century BC, according to the US Laboratory. The expedition of Tbilisi State University, which excavates the site, has sent samples to the Miami Beta Laboratory to specify the date of the inscription. As Professor Vakhtang Licheli, director of the Institute of TSU Archeology, explains the date established by the Miami Laboratory (XI-X BC centuries) is a unique event. According to the head of the expedition, samples have already been sent to Italy for the re-verification of the date.
In 2015, after Grakliani Hill excavations the following has been found: VII century temple with two shrines possibly for the fertility goddess, which features texts of yet unknown script. The unique inscription is a distinctive, individual script that does not have analogues in the world. The new discovery confirms that 2700-3000 years ago the writing was used on the territory of Georgia. This fact and the previously discovered materials may change the certain phase of the history of the eastern Georgia of VII-VI century BC, namely, the history of Kartli.
  The archaeological excavations on Grakliani Hill confirm the continuous cycle of the development of society from the Stone Age to Antiquity. Artefacts discovered during the digs of 11 cultural layers of different periods include the tools of primitive people, the cultic objects of the past period and many more.

The tour of the Promotion Center of Tolerant Tbilisi in Old Tbilisi

* The ancient Zoroastrian Temple – Atashgah;
* Synagogue, Armenian Church, Mosque, Catholic Church;
* How people of different religion and nationalities lived and developed in ancient Tbilisi;
* Different religious and ethnic diversity centres in Tiflis and their history;
* Jewish Museum.

Wine Tour "Vineria Kakheti" (Tokhliauri, Sagarejo)

You can taste Georgian wine, enjoy the scenery of the century-old Botanical Garden in “Vineria Garden”. The price includes wine tasting, master class of baking Khachapuri and a dinner.